Hi. I'm Melece. A lot of people call me Melly. I like fun things like Harry Potter, puppies (and lots of them), feminism, the colour yellow, stars, sleeping, and my husband Peter. He's pretty cute. Almost as cute as a puppy. We're living and loving happily in Hawaii.

Our life in Chocolate Frog card style facts and dates: Peter and I met our first day of class at Brigham Young University-Hawaii in September 2010. Became inseparable starting 13 February 2011. Had our first kiss 12 April 2011. Peter left for a mission to Japan 13 July 2011, and returned 25 June 2013. We became engaged 5 September 2013 and were married 12 April 2014.    

I have lots of stories and this blog has been my way of telling the funniest of them. I hope you like reading what I write. Follow me, share me, comment or message me to tell me what you think! Just LOVE ME!