Why "Tiny Anxiety"?:

The name seemed fitting for me and my life. I classify as being on the tiny side of average depending on who I'm standing next to, and I deal with a generalized anxiety disorder. While that seems like a strange way to choose to identify yourself - by a diagnosis - I expected to write a lot more about my anxiety than I have done so far, because that always happens to be where the most entertaining stories lay. Shockingly, as it turns out, writing a blog seems to help reduce anxiety and panic, so that's exciting!    

How do you pronounce your real name?: 

Melece: Muh-lease, or Mel-eese, right now as I'm trying to find the best way to phonically explain my name I feel lost about which one is more accurate. I'm here repeating my name over and over in an attempt to hear the difference between "Muh-lease" and "Mel-eese," they both sound like my name.
Vida: Vee-da. People usually don't struggle with this one at all, so I'm sorry if you do.
Meservy: Meh-ser-vee. There's no Z in there, but if you're British you will try to put one in there with all your might. That's okay, mostly I just assume you can't pronounce my name in any other way due to your flawless accent, so you're technically doing correctly, just in your own way. There is also only one R in there, and it's just before the V. Don't attempt any "Merservy" business, it's just not my name.

But, wait. That's not your husband's last name:

This isn't a question, but I forgive you. I kept my last name when we got married, because I like the idea of keeping the name I've had for my entire life. I have nothing against women who do change their name after marriage, so I hope they feel the same about those who don't change theirs. If you really want to discuss this further, you can send me hate mail or trash me behind my back  message me friendly-like and we can chat and be eBFFs. :)

Speaking of your husband, is it weird having a husband shorter than you?:

Technically, I've never had a husband who is taller than me, so... I feel like I can't accurately answer this question. I do like to groom people, though, and so having a husband who is shorter than me makes picking at his scalp while he screams at me to stop all the easier.

Where do you work?: 

I am a Behavioural Skills Therapist. I work with a company that provides service (through people like me!) in public schools for children with Autism. I get to work one-on-one with a client to develop behavioural, academic, and life skills to better benefit them and their education.

Why do you hate children?:

I truly don't hate children, if I did, I would be terrible at my job. I just have no desire to have any of my own at this point in time. You telling me "that will change soon enough!" and "you'll be pregnant within the year, just you wait and see," surprisingly doesn't do anything to motivate my ovaries to bust into overdrive in creating spawn, it just makes me not want to talk to you anymore. Please stop pressuring my uterus.

So, you're a Mormon, right? How do you write a blog with no electricity?:

I am indeed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, frequently known as Mormons, but we're a really hip people, and thus are all sorts of up-to-date on modern technologies. I also only have one mother, no sister-wives, and have never known anyone who has been sacrificed. If you have any further questions about my church do feel free to visit Mormon.org for all sorts of fun info.

Can you still not sleep at night?: 

Marriage has ruined me. I could always sleep always, for any amount of time, AT any amount of time, anywhere. Peter has now stolen this superpower of mine and TAUNTS ME WITH IT NIGHTLY. It's terrible, and I have an unmeasured amount of rage within me due to this fact. Thanks for bringing up a very touchy and painful topic. 

Do you have any talents?: 

No, not really. I USED to be really good at napping, and that was my go-to-response, but now everything is sad and un-sleepy, so I guess I'm talentless. I can binge watch shows for hours at a time, and cry over puppies with no warning. I'm also pretty good at driving, but this one time I saw a really pretty puppy while driving around a bend, and Peter screamed at me for "almost killing us" because in looking at it I veered us somewhat off the road. Psh, cry baby. 

Will you come be my friend in real life?: 

I WOULD LOVE TO! Just buy me a plane ticket. 

Did people really ask you all these questions? Or are you just having a conversation with yourself because it's 8pm and your husband is sleeping?: 

Did someone really ask YOUR MOM to give birth to someone as NOSY AS YOU?! Geez. People ask me questions. I'm an interesting person!