Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Questions I have when watching Frozen

Many of my favourite books or movies provide me with more insight and understanding each time I read or watch them. I come out at the end feeling edified and filled with knowledge. I improve my trivia questions on the subject and become one step closer to being a bonafide expert in that particular field. Frozen, however, is not one of those movies. Granted, I haven't yet dedicated a passionate amount of time in dissecting this 2013 Disney animated feature, however, each time I do watch, all I seem to find myself with is more questions and major frustrations. 

Here is a short compilation of questions I have when I watch Frozen: 

1. Why are these men leaving an orphan boy and baby reindeer alone in a frozen tundra? 
2. How are these girls not dying of hypothermia? 
3. Aren't you going to be in a crap-ton of trouble for creating a snow storm at 3am? 
4. How did the parents sleep through that whole pRty then come running as soon as they are called? 
5. Parents, is that really what you sleep in? 
6. Why are there trolls? 


7. Is this little boy seriously an orphan? 
8. Now adopted by trolls? 
9. And that's all the explanation we are going to get? Neat. 
10. Wow, parents, have you really never read Macbeth/Oedipus Rex? There is essentially no way you trying to avoid this prophecy could go well. 
11. How is separating your two children from each other a good idea? 


12. When has telling a child she has to change everything about herself ever worked well? 
13. Has anyone ever told you that you are the WORST PARENTS IN THE WORLD?! 
14. Who hurt you, Disney? 
15. Why must all the parents die? 
16. Who has been running the country while the girls are alone in the castle? 
17. Is it really necessary for Elsa to do the coronation ungloved? 
18. Are you suggesting that a man is evil simply because he is a bad dancer?
19. Anna, what if this Hans guy is an axe murderer? 


20. How did Anna buy those things? 
21. Do you have a credit card in your bra? 
22. Why doesn't Kristoff recognize Anna from the night he was mysteriously adopted by trolls? 
23. Where did Elsa's clothes go? 
24. What is she going to sleep in or eat? 
25. Why can't anyone in this movie just communicate like healthy adults? 
26. Why are the trolls "love experts"? Do love experts really tell parents to suppress their children? 
27. How is Olaf the smartest character in this movie? 
28. Why would people just assume the princess is dead without checking the body? 


29. At what point did everyone decide that Elsa wasn't evil? 
30. Why is the man from Weasel Town evil? 

And finally, probably the most important question: Why would anyone ever say this movie is better than Tangled? 


  1. Sorry, but #6 is an obvious one: BECAUSE IT'S NORWAY. You've been there. You know about the trolls.

  2. Yes, I totally get that trolls are a Norwegian thing, but they are just this completely undeveloped plot device plopped in the middle of this film. Why do they adopt a little boy and a reindeer? Why do the royal family turn to them just that one time but then never mention them ever again? How do the trolls not know who Anna is? Why is their only motivation in their second scene to marry them to each other? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.
    Was their only purpose to be a flag of a Nordic country? I guess that makes sense... But not really.

  3. Nup. Totally what Sharah said. You should know about the trolls. It doesn't make sense for your question to be "Why are there trolls?" ^^Those questions by all means. A lot of people don't know about Norway and trolls so they do say "Why are there trolls?" and we should tell them. :)
    Also re 26, the trolls didn't tell the parents to surpress their child, that was totally on the parents. That would be one of my questions. Silly silly parents.

  4. Ay, a better question: why are the parents turning to the trolls?

  5. They turn to them for help because the trolls are MAGIC! You don't know that the royal family never turned to them for anything else, only that Anna didn't know much about them. But Anna has led a pretty sheltered life so really she doesn't know much about anything. So while we can safely surmise that that was probably the only time they rushed to the trolls to ask them to safe their daughter's life, I don't think we really know the exact nature of the king and queen's relationship with trolls.

    Yes, it's an underdeveloped plot point, but that's because it's a kids movie so it can't go over an hour and a half. This is the same reason why the movie ends with: the answer is love! Boom, everything is fixed now quickgetthehappyendinginginbeforethecreditsroll THE END.

    Why shouldn't they adopt a boy? They're trolls, they can do whatever the heck they want. Including trying really hard to get him to marry some random woman he shows up with.

    You can't expect them to recognize Anna again, because they only met her that one time when she was unconscious and probably we all look pretty much the same to them anyway.

  6. You have solid points. I have been persuaded. I still want to know where the heck Kristoff came from, though. Like, when the men at the beginning are working, and he's there, I think, awwww, working with his daddy, so sweet, but then he is just left... Did we watch a boy become on orphan? Was he already an orphan? Where did his reindeer come from?

  7. The real question raised by Kristoff is why hire a big broadway star and then not give him any big musical numbers