Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2011 meets 2014

This month marks Peter's one year return from Japan. This year has been fantastic - one of the best of my life, and somehow it seems to have gone a million times faster than the two years that passed while he was gone. Today for my blog post, I am recycling the post I first wrote in July of 2011 when Peter first left for Japan:

"So, for any of you who don't know, my dear friend Peter Gregory reported to the MTC 1pm MST yesterday.
Last time Peter and I said goodbyes, I walked him to the edge of campus and he finished the stretch to his sister's alone. I returned to the GCB to collect my things and go home and was met with the stony faces of the friends who had just, like me, sent the littlest Gregory boy off. I had a few approach me with faces kind of like those you see at cancer patient's bedside, some used hushed voices, as though loud noises would be enough to send me into hysterics, and even a dear friend try to pull me away to go "talk" and wouldn't relent until I had told him for the tenth time "I'M OKAY!"
Thus, here I am again to explain why Elder Gregory being gone is quite a relief.
Here is a short list I have compiled entitled -

Why I am glad Peter Gregory is going to Japan

1) I get more sleep.
Thanks to time difference Peter being gone but still reachable has interfered with my sleep cycle for months now! While in Hawaii I would get incredibly sad and lonely at night, because I'm stupid (I sat here for a really long time trying to think of a good logical reason, and that was the best I got, but as I am stupid, that would be a good reason why I can't think of a logical reason. Wow, I'm so smart!) (Wait...) I would wake up early to text him when he was getting ready for work even though I had spent most of my night sobbing pathetically into my pillow (because I'm stupid. Remember). Then, once I made it to Vienna it was all about staying up late to Skype before I was unreachable for hours while I slept, then getting up early to Skype before work and before he was unreachable for hours while he slept.
I can sleep early and sleep in?! Leave, child. Leave.

2) I will not be stressed out.
Lets be frank, (I've always liked Frank, he's a cool kid). Relationships are hard work! Sure, Peter and I never dated, in fact we went on one (1) date the entire time we were friends, but he was my best friend, and best friends is a relationship all the same. Now I don't have to ever worry that he is mad at me because I borrowed his shirt without asking, or he is secretly angry because I didn't notice his haircut and didn't mention that so-and-so was back together with her jerk-butt boyfriend even though she deserves better... you know, stupid friend things.
Woo, THAT's a relief!

3) I look popular.
What's more valuable to your popularity points than mail? Answer: NOTHING. How coy and special will I appear this next semester now that I have another pen pal to write to? Even though I will no longer have an on campus mail box I think I'll still sit by the mail room conspicuously opening my stack of letters from various admirers and fans and read them, laughing elegantly at how witty my comrades are.
I better go relieve my roommates of my fan mail before they shred them in jealousy!

4) I am immediately more well educated.
Have I ever been past the equator? No. Have I ever been to Asia? Technically, yes (and I fully intend taking that technicality as far as I can!) However, I have never been to Japan, but now with Peter on his way I don't ever have to! In classy dinner party situations (which I assure you I am in all the time) if Asian policies or politics ever comes into conversation, (you know, as it does) everyone around me is silently mocking me, "Oh, Melece" they laugh in their head "she has nothing to contribute to this conversation. Japan is way too exotic for her" and that's when I, sipping my champagne flute of Dr. Pepper say "My dear friend Peter is living in Tokyo right now, isn't the *important piece of information which Elder Gregory will have informed me on* interesting?" That'll shut them up. Oh, how snotty my imaginary dinner party friends can be!

5) I can meet potential lovers.
What is the best reason for having a missionary to write other than getting the contact information of other wonderful men? This is a note I advise for every young girl looking for her FEC. Smother your letters in seductive love concoctions, send periodic (shareable) "home baked" goods, (unless you're confident with your baking skills, cleverly disguised store bought treats are always better), and a heavily-shopped photo now and then, maybe with a temple in the background or with you wearing white (subliminal messages work well) and you're golden! Almost eligible Missionaries will be filling your mailbox (see reason #3) in no time.

And THAT my dear friends is why I am glad Peter Gregory has left me.
I assure you my eyes are red and puffy because I am unfortunately allergic to something in laundry detergent/puppy dander/Vienna air/excessive reading of Cracked.com. Don't ever doubt me!"

This blog posts feels like it's a million years old and we are lightyears away from where we once were. It's nice to not have to belittle my feelings, or pretend that it doesn't bother me when Peter is gone for classes and work, instead I can embrace him in my arms and sob like we've been separated for years, because what is romance without a touch of melodrama? In all seriousness, I love my husband, I'm proud of him, and I thank God everyday that he is home in Hawaii with me.

We have less than 10 decent photos together from before his mission.
True story. 


  1. I love your blogs and get giddy when I see you've written a new one!

    1. Aww, you just made my whole day! That is so sweet. I will keep writing! :) <3

  2. love this blog! brought back the many memories of Skype sessions with Peter while you were in Vienna with us. So glad he is back home with you! love Mommifer (using your dad's google ID)